Athena’s Owls Competition: Hercules’ 13th Labour

Calling all Owls!

We all know that Hercules is famous for completing his twelve impossible labours, from defeating the Hydra to fetching some very difficult to reach Golden Apples, and even bringing the three-headed dog Cerberus out of Hades… but what if he had to complete a thirteenth task? That’s where you come in! For our second Athena’s Owls competition we want as many of you as possible to get into the myth-making mindset and come up with a fabulous new labour for the hero!

Will it be an epic monster battle, like Hercules’ defeat of the Hydra, or a test of cunning, like tricking Atlas to help him to get hold of the Golden Apples? Or something else entirely? Remember, these labours were supposed to be impossible for regular people like us!


This competition is open to anyone aged between 5 and 14 years old in the UK and Ireland. There are three age categories and word limits for this competition:

Category 1: 5-7 years old – up to 300 words
Category 2: 8-11 years old – up to 500 words
Category 3: 12-14 years old – up to 750 words

You’re welcome to illustrate your story, but we will judge your myths based on how creative, original, and entertaining they are! There will be prizes of Book Tokens for the winners and runners up in each category. The closing date has been extended to 5pm on Saturday 27th June, and we will announce the winner via Twitter in July.

To enter, either write up your story on a computer and save in .doc or .pdf format, or write it up by hand, scan it into your computer or take a photo, and then upload it to our entry form here:

Entries are limited to one per child and are completely free. UK & Ireland only. Winners will be contacted via email following the competition.

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