Hercules’ 13th Labour: Competition results!

We had a fantastic turnout for our 2nd Athena’s Owls competition, which invited children aged between 5 and 14 years old across the UK and Ireland to create their very own myths and come up with a new fabulous labour for the famous Greek hero! Over 180 of you entered, and we recruited a team of fourteen judges to cover all the stories – we had a wonderful time reading all the fabulous myths and hearing all about Hercules’ exploits, from defeating horrifying monsters, retrieving magical artifacts from far flung locations, to travelling through time and even into space!

The competition was extremely fierce and we had so many wonderful entries that it was very difficult to pick our winners, but we got there in the end! We would like to congratulate all of our entrants, and especially our winners and runners up in each category:

Category 1: 5-7 years old
Winner: Violet, aged 5, from Birmingham. Violet’s story saw Hercules encountering a unicorn who set our hero maths questions – luckily he had a ‘phone a friend’ in the form of a fox who helped him out!
Runner up: Claudia, aged 5, from Reading, who wrote and illustrated a lovely myth about Hercules’ daring rescue of a princess!

Category 2: 8-11 years old
Winner: Claudia, aged 11, from Hawkhurst. Claudia’s story featured Tarus, a terrifying part-dragon, part-crocodile monster, who almost gets the better of Hercules in a very suspenseful myth!
Runner up: Miriam, aged 11, from London, whose story was written from the perspective of Hercules’ monstrous opponent, a shapeshifter! Our judges loved your very clever and original story!

Category 3: 12-14 years old
Winner: Maddy, aged 13, from Bath, who wrote a fantastic -and very touching- myth about Hercules’ encounter with the Teumessian Fox, a creature made of constellations. The judges loved the thoughtful depictions and the illustration too!
Runner up: Ffion, aged 12, from London, who wrote ‘The Water Carrier’, a comedy worthy of Aristophanes – we loved this entertaining story!

In addition, we have some further highly commended stories that we’d like to mention: very well done to Elise (14, from Bath) for her very poignant story about Hercules’ tragic future; Ella (12, also from Bath), for her fantastic depiction of the Harpies; and Caitlin (10, from York) for her exciting myth of the golden conch of Atlantis!

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