Alex’s story: ‘Monty the Minotaur’

Winner: 5-7 years age category
I am Monty the Minotaur, half human and half bull. I don’t like eating grass, instead I eat humans. They taste lovely. Once I tried to eat King Minos so King Minos locked me in a dark, scary maze.

Every year Athens sends me seven girls and seven boys to eat. They taste like raspberries, hairy and juicy! I chase the children into a dead end like Pacman. I have children for breakfast, children for lunch and children for tea although I like a ham and cheese sandwich for my snack.

One day I was looking out of the window to see the boat arrive and spot if someone looked super delicious. I saw a boy who was bigger than the other boys and girls. He would be my tea to fill up my tummy. I licked my lips and my tummy rumbled. 

The next morning my tummy rumbled because I was so hungry. I was so excited to see them I had forgotten to have my tea. I heard 14 children coming through the maze door. It’s Pacman time! I ran through the maze to find the children for my breakfast. 

Suddenly I tripped over something which was soft. I felt it with my hoof. It was string. I knew that for sure. I was scared because I know my maze as I live here. It doesn’t have string. What’s going on?

Ouch! The big boy stabbed me in the chest with his sword. I recognise it, it’s the princess’s sword. Ariadne must be helping him. I don’t like sisters any more.