Bruno’s story: ‘Typhon’s Lament’

Highly commended

There was nothing but black. I was very small. About the size of a dog. I was nothing. Sans eyes, sans teeth, sans mind. There was oblivion.

Then I awoke. I had eyes, I had teeth, I had a mind. I was in my prison, of which I knew nothing else. My cell was made of corruption. Of greed. Of hate. Of wars. Of the souls of the damned. And yet there was a door. The door was finely made of bronze, with engravings of sea monsters and dragons, and it depicted an entity dragging people under.

A plant began to grow. A grape vine. The door opened. The most beautiful sight was there. She was green. I absorbed her aura, and basked in her warmth. Anything she touched would turn to nature. She found me and brought me up. She was Gaia. I grew stronger with her help and power. Then she tasked me this:

“There is a god, who is greedy and corrupt. Who is damned. He proclaimed himself King of the gods. But he is feeble. You are powerful. I am your mother. Kill him and proclaim yourself King”. I knew what greed and corruption were. I saw the damned when I passed them. My cell was made of these things.

I understood, so set off. I would do anything for my mother, Gaia. I had never passed the gate before. I saw the three headed hound Cerberus, who in my infancy was my friend. She treated me like one of her whelps. I liked Cerberus. I would do this for her as well. I went out of a gate, and then crossed on the boat. I saw a damned soul screaming. Trying to swim across, but melting in the acid. I felt no pity for the disgusting wretch. I got out, went through the huge, intricately carved bronze gates, ten times the height of a normal man.

Then it hit me.

All the colours. Blue, green, gold, silver, purple, white, pink. All these colours. The trees, and the Mediterranean Sea, the small wooden pieces that were ships, sailing. All the smells. The salty water, the fresh air, the tang of olives, and the sweetness of wine. Mother Gaia had told me that this corrupt god-king was up a mountain. There was a town by this mountain. It had intimidating marble statues and great theatres and massive, imposing buildings. People were trading on the plaza, eating and laughing, drinking and having fun. I knew I would rule over this fantastic place soon. 

I climbed the mountain, it was rocky and steep, but with a combination of Gaia’s and Cerberus’ help, I knew how to easily climb it. On top of the mountain, there was a place that looked like the town square. I saw a man, in a white robe, with long grey hair, and a wreath of solid gold. He was sitting on a vast golden throne, encrusted with red and green gems, a huge goblet by his side, filled with Ambrosia. There was a banquet with hundreds of animals. Great golden fountains of Ambrosia were splashing noisily in their basins.

I stormed in, creating confusion amongst his drunken guests.

“I am Typhon, herald of Gaia. I am here to claim my throne from he who is corrupt and greedy.”

The white robed man rose from his throne. “I am Zeus, King of the gods. I will duel you for the throne of Olympus.”

I grabbed Zeus by his neck and flung him off the mountain. Whilst he went down, he dragged me with him. We fought with lightning, with water and with the air. We were matched. I stabbed him, crushed him, but each time he came back. He cut my head off and stamped me down. I regenerated. We could not kill each other. We fought for what felt like days. He was getting tired, he was weakening. I brought him down to his knees. I had my hand on his throat and lifted him up. I thought I had won. But he grabbed my eyes and tore them out. They re-grew quickly, painlessly. Now it was his turn to gain the upper hand.

I was down in an instant, the panting god was holding a lightning bolt at my throat. He couldn’t hold me down. We were still  matched, but Gaia had said he was feeble. She was wrong, he was as great as me. I hesitated, then knew no more.