Our projects

Each Athena’s Owls session includes a 10-15 minute story (usually a Greek or Roman myth) and a 45-50 minute craft activity. Here you’ll find links to each of our projects, where you’ll be able to read about the theme and the materials you’ll need, and download the templates.

This page is currently a work-in-progress. You can see a list of our projects below and we’ll add links to the blog post for each project (with templates and materials needed) as we upload it, so watch this space. 

Everyone from school teachers to ancient world enthuastics is welcome to download these files and use them to make your own ancient creations, but please consider making a donation to support our work, particularly if you use these materials in a fee-paying school.

Past projects

  • Dancing Cyclops puppets
  • Triremes
  • (Wearable) Roman sandals
  • Wax tablets for ancient students
  • At the chariot races
  • Roman shields
  • Terrific temples
  • Laurel crowns fit for the Olympics
  • Roman helmets
  • Magnificent mosaics
  • Ancient vases
  • Sigillaria for Saturnalia
  • Ancient coins
  • Terribly Tragic (and comic!) masks
  • Marvellous monsters
  • Brilliant bullae


We retain copyright over all created materials and stories.