Here you will find all our online resources from our Athena’s Owls sessions, including stories, templates, and instructions for craft projects.

Feel free to download and use these materials as you like – if you do make any of our projects we would love to see them and would be happy to share them in our gallery, so please get in touch if so! These resources are free to access and use; if you would like to make a donation to help us continue with Athena’s Owls, please also get in touch.

We’ll be updating this page regularly with more resources over the coming weeks, so keep checking back for new materials!

Hercules and the Hydra – Making Monsters

Story: Hercules and the Hydra (read it here)
Activity: Design a monster! From the gigantic, one-eyed Cyclops Polyphemus to three-headed Cerberus and from the terrifying Scylla to the Minotaur in his Labyrinth, every good Greek myth needs its monster to fight against the hero. Some monsters have hundreds of eyes, or multiple heads – others might have snakes for hair, or be half an animal, so anything goes! Will your monster be a terrifying, people-eating hybrid, a fire-breathing dragon, or something else altogether? Don’t forget to give it a name!
Why not have a look at our monster-parts templates to get you started, or have a look at our Gallery for some inspiration… (template 1 | template 2 | template 3)

Odysseus’ trick – Dancing Cyclops Puppets

Story: Nobody (read it here)
Activity: Make a Cyclops puppet! Odysseus’ encounter with the terrifying, one-eyed Cyclops Polyphemus is one of the most famous of his adventures on the way back from the Trojan War. There’s more to Polyphemus than meets the eye(!) though, so you can use this template to make your own moveable Cyclops puppet! Make him as colourful or as scary as you like, and use split pins to make him dance! Be as creative as you can, and have a look at our Gallery for some inspiration… Download the instructions and template here, and don’t forget to tag #AthenasOwls in your creations!

Sailing past Scylla and Charybdis – Miniature Triremes

Story: Scylla (read it here)
Activity: Make a model trireme! These huge ships were named for their three rows of oars and would have been seen all over the ancient Mediterranean as the Phoenicians, the Ancient Greeks, and the Romans all used them for trade and combat – Greek mythic heroes sailed all over the world in ships just like these too! With this template you can make your very own miniature trireme and re-create Odysseus’ close encounter with the Sirens and the monster Scylla! Download the instructions and template here, and get ready to sail!

A Mythical Journey to Ancient Egypt – Making Scarabs

Story: The Old Man of the Sea (read it here)
Activity: Design your own scarab! Scarab beetles were extremely important in Ancient Egypt and are one of the most common archaeological finds! They represented Egyptian ideas of rebirth and were connected to the god Khepri. For this activity you can make your own 3D scarab or colour in a 2D version, while learning about the myth of Menelaus – the king of Sparta – and his terrifying encounter with the sea-god Proteus just off the coast of Egypt! Download the instructions and template for the 3D model here to learn about scarabs, or download the 2D colouring-in template here, and get creative with your design!