The Shield of Achilles: the winning designs

We recently held our first online workshop and third competition, asking 5-14 year-olds in the UK and ROI to design their own version of Achilles’ fabulous shield from the battle for Troy. We were blown away by the creativity of the designs made for the competition and during the workshop, which we are currently compiling into our very own Athena’s Owls shield. Thank you to all who entered and joined us for the workshop!

For now, we are delighted to share with you the winners of the competition, picked by our team of judges.

Age category 1: 5-7 years

Winner: Stanley, aged 7, from Manchester
Judges’ comments: ‘Great use of colour! Dramatic!’; ‘Lovely and colourful – and very frightening!’

The winning entry in our 5-7 years age category, showing a very colourful and scary dinosaur at the centre of a design full of bats, swords, and even a skull!

Age category 2: 8-11 years

Winner: Saoirse, aged 10, from Birmingham
Judges’ comments: ‘Beautiful concept, beautiful execution, great materials and even greater messages!’; ‘An owl AND a cat. Just perfect.’

The winning entry in our 8-11 years age category, showing a range of designs on holographic card, including a cat, an owl, constellations and hearts, along with messages including 'joy' and 'hope'!

Age category 3: 12-14 years

Winner: Lucy, aged 12, from Coventry
Judges’ comments: ‘So inventive and truly terrifying! I love the combination of the Medusa and the leaves around the edges – it really looks like an ancient shield!’; ‘I love the creativity of this; the use of the foil gives it a brilliantly realistic feel.’

The winning entry in our 12-14 years age category, featuring a terrifying Medusa face at the centre, made very creatively from foil and worthy of the best Greek hero!