Violet’s story

The judges were really impressed with Violet’s unique story which sees Hercules encountering a unicorn who sets our hero maths questions – luckily he has a trick up his sleeve! Congratulations to Violet, our winner in the 5-7 age category! We hope you enjoy reading Violet’s story.

[Previously: Hercules was given a fox phone by a fox in the forest, found a boat he couldn’t row, defeated a hydra guarding some rope by getting Prometheus to fetch some fire, and then a flying bear appeared to carry him across the water.]

“Now I just need to find that unicorn,” said Hercules. Just then the unicorn appeared in front of him. “Have you come to answer some difficult questions?” she asked. Hercules said, “Yes, but I would like to know your name first.” The unicorn said, “My name is Rose.” Hercules said, “What a nice name.” Rose said, “First question: how many apples are there if there are two apples on each of 22 trees?” Hercules was like “Umm… I don’t know…” Then he remembered the fox phone. “Could you just give me a minute?” The unicorn said “Sure, you’ve got 10 minutes to do what you’re doing and then you must tell me the answer.” Hercules rang the fox, bring-bring, bring-bring. The fox heard the phone. “Is it the first question?” “Yes. It’s how many apples are there if there are 2 apples on each of 22 trees?” The fox said, “Oh yeah, I remember that question.” He said, “44!” Hercules thanked him and then the unicorn said, “Ten minutes is over! Have you found the answer?” and Hercules said, “Yes, it’s 44!” The unicorn said, “Well done, very good counting! One more question! If there were 28 trees and each of them had 1 apple on, how many apples are there?” “Umm…. 28?” said Hercules. The unicorn said, “Yes, well done! But more people are going to arrive soon to answer these questions, you must be off.” “Okay,” said Hercules, then the bear appeared again and she flew him home.